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This is a Multi-Stage Virtual Race Series, which will accommodate runners and riders from all backgrounds, whether it’s road or trail. We really tried to put a competitive concept together which would cater for all Outdoor Enthusiast.

It’s the kind of race which you complete on your own wherever you are located in the world, following the restrictions each country/state has put in place, and once you get it done, you record the evidence of your time and send it back to us. (Only compulsory should you want to see your ranking and be in contention for top podium finishing)

  • The Multi-Stage Series will consist of six virtual races, (Run or Ride)
  • Each race has 3 stages that have to be completed in 3 consecutive days
  • You can only race on the fixed race dates set out once per month
  • Categories: There will be a short and long race to choose from.
  • If you do more than one race of the same category (short or long), your finish times will be added together to give you a position in the overall standings
  • If you miss a race or stage, you will be given a DNC (did not compete). The more races you do, the better your accumulative time and the higher your rank on the overall series standings
  • Minimum Elevation requirements for fair ranking and to be in contention for prize money:
    Short Run: 50m
    Long Run: 100m
    Short Bike: 100m
    Long Bike: 200m
  • The competitors must be between 18 and 75 to compete
  • After each stage you have to upload the evidence of your run in the special designated “submit results” button on our website home page.
  • Rankings will be live and immediately visible on our website
  • As proof, Garmin Connect / Strava, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, Huawei or any device where you can share your result via a link from your device will be acceptable.
  • Rankings will be determined by ELAPSED TIME AND ELEVATION and not MOVING TIME.
  • Top 10 both male and female will have an additional check after submitting their runs. We will need their device profile links to audit the legitimacy of the results in order to keep the fairness of the event.
  • The start hour of each stage is to be determined by each and every one of you, You can start each stage early in the morning, noon, or late in the evening. We leave this up to you in order to create a flexible experience and at the same time to be able to accommodate all the different time zones.
  • You just need to upload and share your link in order for the results to pull through accurately.