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This is a Multi-Stage Virtual Race Series, which will accommodate runners and cyclists from all backgrounds, whether it’s road or trail. We really tried to put a competitive concept together which would cater for all Outdoor Enthusiasts and to see who will rise to the occasion in the ever lasting battle between road and trail athletes

  • The competitors must be between 18 or older to compete
  • The Multi-Stage Series will consist of 6 virtual running races and 6 virtual cycling races over the next 6 months.
  • You have the option to either enter the Run Series OR Cycle Series 
  • Each race has 3 stages that have to be completed in 3 consecutive days
  • You can only race on the fixed race dates set out once per month (see our race calendar on our website or social media pages.
  • Categories: There will be short and long race distances to choose from.
  • Minimum Elevation requirements for fair ranking and to be in contention for prize money:
    Short Run:      50m per day
    Long Run:      100m per day
    Short Cycle:  100m per day
    Long Cycle:   250m per day
  • If you do not care about your ranking, you do not need to submit the minimum elevation requirement, but please take into consideration we will drop your ranking below the last competitor who obeyed all our rules, even if your time was faster.
    • After each stage you have to click and upload the evidence of your run in the special designated “submit results” button on our website home page.
    • We made it real easy for you to submit times.
    • Should you want to be in contention of prizes and a fair ranking you need to click on your device icon situated on the submit results page, click on share activity,  copy your run or cycle activity and paste it in the url box we created for you on the submit results page.
    • If you do not care about your ranking, you do not need to copy and paste your activity in the url box! Please take into consideration we will drop your ranking below the last competitor who obeyed all our rules, even if your time was faster.
    • Rankings will be live and immediately visible on our website
    • As proof, Garmin Connect / Strava, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, or any device where you can share your result via a link from your device will be acceptable.
    • Rankings will be determined by ELAPSED TIME AND ELEVATION and not MOVING TIME.
    • Top 10 both male and female will have an additional check after submitting their runs. We will need their device profile links to audit the legitimacy of the results in order to keep the fairness of the event
    • Your time and ranking will pull through cumulatively to a SERIES LEADERBOARD over the next 6 months to determine your overall ranking for the entire series
    • Results can only be submitted on Race day between 00:00 & 23:59
    • Make sure you obey your country/state Covid 19 lockdown rules


    The overall Male & Female winners (1st place after 3 stages) in each race category will share a prize pool of 5% of the total entry fees accumulated in the Run or Cycle event in which they entered.

    The breakdown of the prize money will be distributed as shown below:

    Long Cycle Winners: 40% of total cycle price pool for each Male & Female Winner in this category

    Short Cycle Winners: 10% of total cycle price pool for each Male & Female Winner in this category

    Long Run Winners: 40% of total run price pool for each Male & Female Winner in this category

    Short Run Winners: 10% of total run price pool for each Male & Female Winner in this category

    Terms and Conditions for the Drive In Style Car Competition

    1. Terms and Conditions

    1.1 The promoters to this competition are The Outdoor Enthusiast (pty) Ltd with its registered address 1 Swart Street, Brackenfell, Cape Town.

    1.2 All persons entering The Outdoor Enthusiast (pty) Ltd drive in style car competition (“the competition”) agree that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on them.

    1. How do you enter the competition

    2.1 To participate in this competition, participants must purchase a ticket (Running or Cycling entry) online via The Outdoor Enthusiast (pty) Ltd website for a automatic single entry in the competition. 

    1. The Lucky Draw Prize

    3.1 Prize: Drive a Suzuki Jimny Sponsored and Branded by The Outdoor Enthusiast (pty) Ltd for a period of 6 months only. (Vehicle visuals may show specifications and options not available in South Africa and specifications such as engine capacity & colour to be determined by the promoter at a later stage and may not necessarily reflect what is presented in the promotion and marketing material)

    1. Conditions applicable to Lucky Draw Prize

    4.1 20 (Twenty) finalists will be drawn in total. From these 20 finalists the winner, will be drawn.

    4.2 The (Twenty) finalists will be notified by cell phone number and announced on Facebook & Instagram

    4.3 The prize are non-transferable and may not be substituted or redeemed for cash.

    4.4 The Lucky Draw Prize winner of the competition is under no circumstances the rightful owner of the vehicle and the promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize from the winner anytime for any reason whatsoever. 

    4.5 All the prizes exclude the following:

    1. a) Transportation to the prize giving ceremony
    2. b) Any and all additional costs associated with the prize acceptance and use not specified herein as being provided, including fuel, running maintenance cost, and incidental costs.
    3. The Promoter, its associated companies, agents, contractors and any of its personnel involved in this competition, assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage, death or injury arising from participation in the competition or from using the prize or for any loss or damage, death or injury howsoever arising. 

    5. Competition draw

    5.1 Except in so far as is provided for in the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 as amended, the promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    5.2 The draw of the 20 finalists will take place in Cape Town on the 1st February 2021 by means of a random electronic draw

    5.3 The draw for the prize winner will take place on the 1st February 2021 in Cape Town by means of a random electronic draw

    5.4 Participants will be required to identify themselves with a bar coded South African ID or valid passport as well as a valid South African driver’s license as proof that you are the legal winner of the competition. Failure to claim the prize or a refusal or inability to comply will disqualify the prize winner and a new prize winner will be drawn in their place at the sole discretion of the Promoter.

    5.5 The cell phone number of a participant is key to that participant’s entry (ies), and this number must be a number that is contactable during office hours. Winners will be contacted only on the cell phone number they used to enter the competition. No single person can enter the competition using multiple cell phone numbers. This is to avoid additional fraud being conducted by multiple SIM card owners and to protect fairness to legitimate participants.

    5.6 Participants may enter the competition a maximum of 6 times (Only 1 ticket per event) during the promotional period to increase their chances of winning. 

    5.7 The whole process will be audited by an auditing company. This company will be announced in due course.

    5.8 The draw for the 20 finalists as well as the draw for the Final Lucky Draw Prize will be done by a independent person.

    1. THE RULES

    6.1 By entering the competition, entrants agree to the rules set out below:

    6.2 This competition is open to all South African residents or South African citizens over the age of 18 years except for the members, shareholders, directors, employees, partners, agents, and consultants (and their respective life partners, business partners and immediate families of The Outdoor Enthusiast (pty) Ltd

    6.3 The competition will commence on 21 July 2020 and end on 11 January 2021, both day’s inclusive. No entries received after 00h00 on 11 January 2021 will be considered.

    6.4 If the promoters or organisers of competition are unable to reach any of the potential prize winners within 72 hours of their names being drawn, for whatsoever reason, including incorrect telephone numbers or inoperative telephone numbers, such winner will be disqualified and a runner up finalist will be deemed the potential prize winner subject to the terms and conditions herein.

    6.5 The judge’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

    6.6 The promoter may require the winners to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement to enable the promoter to ensure compliance with these rules. Should any winner be found not to have complied with these rules, he/she will automatically be disqualified and the prize will be forfeited. Winners may also be required to sign acceptance of prize and indemnity documents.

    6.7 The prizes are not transferable, and no substitution or assignment of prizes is permitted, but the promoter or organisers of the competition reserves the right to substitute any prize with one of comparable value if required (for any reason whatsoever).

    6.8 By entering this competition, you authorise the promoter or organiser to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of entrants for communication or statistical purposes. You are entitled to decline any marketing communication.

    6.9 Winners or participants may be required to take part in publicity campaigns for broadcast or publishing purposes. Winners or participants shall at all times be entitled to decline the above request. Winners or participants that take part in the publicity will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for such publicity or otherwise. All publicity and other materials will be the sole property of the promoter.

    6.10 The promoter or organiser of the competition reserves the right to cancel or postpone the competition at any time.

    6.11 The promoter or organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and rules at any time without any notice being given to the participants.

    6.12 No participant shall have any resource or claim against the promoter or organiser of the competition as a result of: a) any amendment to these terms and conditions and rules; b) The promoter or organiser’s cancellation, termination, suspension or postponement of the competition; c) The promoter or organiser’s inability, despite attempts, in line with these terms and conditions, to reach a participant.