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The Outdoor Enthusiast



 Who we are

The Outdoor Enthusiast is brought to you by a guy who dreamed for many years about managing his own outdoor events business, using his own imagination and putting ideas into a reality with no limitations, but instead found himself inside the unbearable and insufferable rush of corporate business hours, sitting in front of a laptop with uncomfortable corporate wear while missing out on the most beautiful early morning summer and winter days Cape Town had to offer..

Working 18 hour’s a day, shuffling between his primary corporate job and his new business concept, putting great friendships aside for a while, and literally cutting himself off from the outside, the Outdoor Enthusiast was created and ready to launch. Or was it…

Covid 19. Corona Virus. Lockdown. Call it what you want. Need we say more. No more live events, all the planning felt it went down the drain when we suddenly found ourselves captured inside some of the world’s most drastic government decisions and restrictions.

My name is Ruan, and being an Outdoor Enthusiast myself, frustrated with limited movement, cancelled events and not a lot of exciting events on the calendar, I had to adapt and overcome!

I can now proudly announce that The Outdoor Enthusiast will be hosting two separate virtual competition’s on my platform:

3 Day Stage Run Series & 3 Day Stage Cycle Series

Enjoy the journey


The Outdoor Enthusiast strive to be a world-class events management company locally and internationally by hosting and presenting exciting, innovative and new generation events.


To gain trust, respect and ongoing support from our community through professional organizing and hosting of events